friendsIt is amazing how you accumulate friends.  My parents moved around a lot when I was young so I have no friends at all from my school days but when I started nursing the girls I met on the first day I am still friends with today.  There is something about nursing friends, because we lived, worked and socialized together we made a very strong bond and sharing the highs and lows of nursing makes that bond even stronger.  When nurses go out they really know how to have a good time even if they do sometimes have to get up at the crack of dawn and go to work afterwards.   There were times when the late shifts were appreciated.  Then as you marry your circle of friends becomes very large because of the children especially when they start school.  Some people hang onto those friends for a very long time because they have the common connection of the children.  As you move through life and change jobs you meet new people all the time.  I have recently made some very good friends with the people I do Tai Chi with so relaxation and sports is another area to make friends.  However tonight we are going out with a friend who I met when I did my midwifery training.  Our husbands are also good friends.  There will be no shortage of conversation!

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