swimming with my friends

IMG_1434This morning was a little cloudy but the water was beautiful and it wasn’t very busy so we had a lovely time doing laps using kickboards initially so we could keep our head out of the water and keep up with the gossip.  One of my friends unfortunately lost their house at Wye River on Christmas Day.  She has been amazingly positive and cheerful but I am sure it must have been a frightening experience and devastating for the family who were all together celebrating Christmas.  They had time to pack up their belongings but left their house not knowing if it would still be there when they returned.  We usually swim for about 45 minutes once or twice a week and then go for coffee.  We have celebrated many of life’s significant events together and have our own Christmas get together.  We never tire of each other’s company and always look out for each other in times of need.  The group started as a swimming squad run by the pool but eventually we decided we didn’t need a trainer and have all lost count of how many years we have been swimming together.

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