today’s technology

computer screenWhy does technology have to be so complicated?  Every time I think I am getting better someone will throw a new one at me to challenge me.  I asked one of my brides to send me the music she wanted for her ceremony so I can load it on to my ipod and play it through my P.A system.  She sent me three youtube videos.  I had a go but then sent a distress call to my computer guru son.  I have managed to load most things onto that tiny little ipod but I admit defeat this time.  I like to have a playlist to use at the wedding so it is easy for me to manage when I am running the music.  I have been sent music in all manner of ways and I can usually figure it out so long as I remember where I filed it because filing of any sort is not my strongpoint especially on the computer.  Why do things disappear so easily?  I’m sure I have files on the computer that would be very handy but I guess I will stumble onto them some day when I am looking for something else!

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