A to Z Challenge: B is for Boot

I was fitted with a very attractive (not!) boot and crutches to protect my foot and so I could get around .  It is called a CAM (controlled ankle movement) boot and is a very large, hard and cumbersome contraption!  I must admit it is easier than being in plaster which I have had the experience of as well many years ago.  I can put some weight on the heel and with the crutches can walk quite comfortably without doing any harm.  I even have to wear it to bed but surprisingly I haven’t slept this well in years maybe it is because I don’t have the pressure of work and early morning wakeups to occupy my mind!  I haven’t had to cancel any weddings as yet in fact I have seen a few new couples.  Have got a wedding rehearsal tomorrow see how that goes!  Hopefully by the time they get married next week I will be able to hop a bit without crutches!  Wish me luck at my follow up appointment on Monday. #atozchallenge

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