A to Z Challenge: C is for Clinic and Crutches and car!

I had my follow up appointment today at the Fracture Clinic at St Vincent’s Hospital as I had originally been seen in their emergency department on Sunday two weeks ago.  It was very crowded and busy but I didn’t have to wait that long even though they had a “Code Blue” in the waiting room just after I was taken through to the clinic!  I was seen by a young resident Dr. and given the good news that I don’t have to use the crutches anymore but I still have to wear the CAM boot for another 4 weeks days and night.  The advantage of no crutches is that I have my hands free to carry things eg a cup of tea or more importantly a glass of wine!  The disadvantage is the boot is very bulky and makes for awkward lopsided walking.  I think I will still use the crutches occasionally.  Anyway I am healing so thought I might audition for a new choir Thursday night.  Poor Alan will have to drive me!     C is also for car and I am looking for a new one.. automatic this time!

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