Wedding day tips and advice for the wedding party, from a marriage celebrant


  • Eat breakfast and drink plenty of water to avoid fainting.
  • Go easy on the champagne while getting ready – you want to remember the day.  Go easy on the grog the night before!
  • Make sure you have worn your shoes a few times before the wedding day to get used to them.
  • Go to bed early the night before and avoid “windy” foods such as curries, baked beans and cabbage.
  • Pack some food and drinks and leave in the car, in case you forget to eat all day!
  • Carry a hanky in case of tears.
  • Stand tall and look good, no hands in pockets!  Left hand over right to see watches if you want to be uniform. Smile!
  • Mobile phones off.
  • Walk slowly and naturally, chin up shoulders back, enjoy, smile and relax!
  • Wedding bouquets to cover belly buttons.
  • Please be in contact with a guest at the venue to advise me if you are running late.
  • If you feel faint, move your knees, wriggle your toes and give me a signal by resting your forehead on your hands and I will get assistance.
  • Look at each other when saying the vows, relax I will talk you through it.  Put the ring to the knuckle, say your words, pause for photos , then gently push the ring the rest of the way.
  • Sign all documents in maiden or current name.
  • You are signing legal documents so if I assess you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol it may be a commitment ceremony only!
  • If any of the above don’t seem right for you, remember, this is just a guide to help you.  Let me know what you would like and if possible I will fit in!


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