Personalised marriage ceremonies Kirk and Tess

Kirk and Tess were married at Ballara in Eltham on a beautiful sunny spring day.  They had a large bridal party and it was very special with the rotunda in front of the lake.  They chose classical music by Bach, Pachelbel and Vivaldi for the entrance of the bridesmaids, bride and the signing.  At the end of the ceremony I suggested something upbeat so they chose “Happy” by Pharrel Williams.

After the introduction we went straight into the story of how they met, I loved their story, I think it was another case of love at first sight!


It was a chance occurrence that saw Tess and Kirk meet. After they had exchanged some small talk, they made a spur of the moment decision to give each other their numbers and meet again.

It was when they next met that the seed sprouted, and it did so very quickly. The chemistry was there immediately.  On their first date they talked and talked. It wasn’t until they realised that work was only a few hours away that they called it a night.  They had talked a lot, well over 5 hours!  They both felt like they had known each other for years, and were completely at ease in each other’s company. It was this natural sense of being, the comfort and warmth they felt together that brings them here today.

Not long after that first meeting Kirk had to go to Spain for 3 months for work.  They had grown very close in a short time, to the point Kirk didn’t want to leave without her.  Tess couldn’t wait the whole 3 months for him to come home either. So he offered to pay for Tess to fly to Spain and spend a few weeks with him. Flying around the world to meet after such a short time requires a leap of faith.  For those who know Tess well, they would probably say they were surprised as she would normally run from her own shadow. She was very nervous about travelling on her own to meet him. The trust in each other however, made this an easy decision.

It was a great experience for Tess and they had an amazing few weeks together, even squeezing in a weekend in Paris.  To this day their trip along the Champs Elysees to visit the Palace of Versailles remains a treasured memory.  However Tess had to return home before Kirk did, but there was much time chatting on the phone and their relationship thrived.

Kirk has widened Tess’s horizons and likes to encourage her to try new things even if she is unwilling at first, like getting her to eat 6 snails. They travelled to Europe together again for 2 months last year in August to October.  Kirk has taken Tess to experience many beautiful places and buildings as he loves the history and architecture.  She admits that she has experienced a lot of things that she would never have tried before thanks to Kirk.

Kirk loves the way Tess is so close to her family, and he admires her loyalty and caring nature. ……….  Kirk encourages Tess in all things she does and supports her especially in her work.  In Tess’s words “He believes in me and loves me for who I am and doesn’t try and change me. ……..  He makes me laugh, and tells good jokes.”

Together they love going to the movies, out for dinners, concerts, weekends away, snow trips, road trips and of course overseas trips. I mustn’t forget to mention that they also love their little dogs Gizmo and Lola.  They even travelled to Hahndorf in South Australia to collect Lola as a pup!


…….Day by day I promise to love you and to honour you

To treasure you and respect you

To walk with you side by side, and joy and sorrow

Day by day I promise as your husband

To hold you in my arms, to grow with you in truth

To laugh with you, to cry with you, to be with you and to love you

With all that I am and all that I shall become

This I promise you from the depth of my heart, my soul, for all our life together.

…….    If everyone can please be upstanding it is my great pleasure to present before you the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson!

I just received an email from them and they are the proud parents of a 5 month old daughter.  Congratulations!
























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