April A to Z Challenge: M is for mental block

Today’s letter is M and I had a mental block about what to write about.  Ha ha that starts with M!  Don’t you love it when you go to do something, walk out of the room and completely forgot what it was you were going there for.  I refuse to call them senior moments because everyone does them.  Some expectant mothers call them pregnant brain how degrading!  We all have lots of things on our mind and we all forget things.  Lets face it our brains are crammed with little bits of useless information so no wonder sometimes the important things can’t find their way to the top.  It depends what you regard as important I guess.  My husband has a system (a few actually) which I find exasperating.  As soon as something needs to be remembered he will write himself a note, we have notes stuck to kitchen wall, on the back door, on his breakfast bowl, on the dashboard of the car, on the computer keyboard, on the dining room table – I’m sure there are more I haven’t thought of.  I ignore them probably because I can’t read his writing!  What is even more annoying he tells me to write a note if I need to remember something .  I just look at him and say I will remember and he looks at me as though to say I don’t believe you but I usually do remember.  Another annoying way my husband has to remember things is to put reminder alarms in his phone.  Oh well we all need to cope with our little mental blocks the best way that works for us.

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