A to Z Challenge: H is for help

I’m not very good at asking for help, would prefer to do it myself even if it takes longer and isn’t easy.  I am really looking forward to being self sufficient again.  I have always been fiercely independent I can remember my mother telling me one of the first phrases I learnt was “I can do it myself!” and that has continued throughout my life.  My mother also hated being dependent on others.  This continued until she was in her 90’s and then she decided it was time to sit back and be waited on!  She had done enough caring for others in her life.  Maybe I will reach that stage as well!

One reply to “A to Z Challenge: H is for help

  1. Nice post! I am personally trying to learn how to ask for help but I was raised with my mum as model who would always do things on her own.. It is challenging going after the imprinting we had!!:-)


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