Opportunistic networking in the wedding business

I have always been an opportunistic person.  If there is an opportunity from which I may benefit I won’t rest until I seize upon it!  There is a Dutch saying which my mother used quite often when she spoke about me:  loosely translated it goes something like this  “When she has an idea in her head it is not in her backside”.  So in the last couple of weeks two opportunities came my way.  The first one was a photographer named Maree Jaeger who started following me on twitter.  I thought to myself this could be a good networking opportunity particularly as I really liked the look of her work.  We met up for coffee and we both realised immediately that we have similar values especially the way we approach our work and the way we deal with our clients.  We are also both wedding “tragics”.  What is it about weddings?  I love it when I perform a ceremony and everyone is quietly looking and listening and I think to myself they are all thinking about their experience with love and maybe thinking back to their own wedding, and I am happy that I struck the right chord with my couple.  I am looking forward to working with Maree.    Find the link to Maree Jaeger Photography here

I am meeting with a florist next week who found me on  facebook maybe I will have a similar experience with her, will keep you posted.


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