Two very different weddings

IMG_1461IMG_1465This weekend’s weddings were very different.  Yesterdays was in a beautiful rustic bush setting at Mt Evelyn in front of a little waterfall.  The bride had flowers in her hair and held a large bouquet to match.  They had the ritual of the unity vase where they united the families by combining items of significance.  The bride poured American dirt and then the groom poured Australian dirt.  The bride’s mother placed stones from the park where her father’s ashes were scattered. The bride’s father placed dried impatiens, his mother’s favourite flower.  The groom’s mother placed seashells from The Gold Coast where she grew up and the groom’s father placed a prayer book he was given by his father, which symbolized the role music and the church played in his education.  The bride wore green and white spotted shoes and had a green ribbon to finish the back of her dress. The bridesmaids wore varying shades of green.  All in all it all blended in beautifully with the natural setting.  A lot of thought and planning went into the day. Congratulations Jackson and Sarah!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the story of today’s wedding

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