establishing routines

fairfield boathouseIsn’t it amazing how well established routines formed over a year can just go out the window over the Christmas break.  I am going back to work tomorrow after a three week break and I can’t even remember what time I usually get up!  Mind you we do have varying starting times so that doesn’t help.  I decided yesterday that I really should start exercising regularly again so went on a few short walks.  I have just returned from a long walk around my favourite area Yarra Bend park and the Merri creek and I feel a little more confident about establishing a routine.  A few years ago the hospital ran a walkathon which really developed a healthy competition among staff members to walk more and exercise generally.  It was a great motivator and I managed to build up to an average of 25,000 steps a day!  I can’t believe I actually did that!  I do remember there was little time for anything else as I all I did all day was walk.  It was handy on the days I was at work as we clock up a decent amount of steps in our daily shift.  I think I also walked the 5 kilometers to and from work occasionally.  I do remember feeling pretty exhausted.  Lucky I only work two days a week!  Maybe I won’t get that carried away this time.

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