not always convenient

A few days before Christmas a friend of ours dropped off about 8 kilograms of apricots freshly picked from his tree.  Fortunately we were pretty organized all the presents had been bought, the tree had been decorated and I had most of the food organised but still…. I was visualising the amount of work involved in dealing with this volume of fruit.  Okay get stuck into it!  My husband set to work chopping up the fruit and getting jars ready and I went off to the supermarket to buy sugar and lemons.  By the end of the day we had 21 large jars of beautiful apricot jam sitting on the bench and a few containers of stewed apricots to go in the freezer,  It turned out beautifully and my grandson Riley has a new favourite: Oma’s jam!  Sometimes you just have to seize the moment even if it is not that convenient at the time!

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