25 favourite things

  1. Swimming with my longtime friends outdoors in the local 50 metre pool when the sun is shining.
  2. singing classical music with the choir
  3. staying home in the evening enjoying a glass of wine with my husband
  4. writing
  5. creating things for the grandchildren in my sewing room
  6. breakfast, my favourite meal at home
  7. my homemade bread
  8. living inner city
  9. my house and garden
  10. going out for dinner at the local restaurants on foot
  11. walking to Dights falls along the creek in the morning
  12. tai chi, just started this year!
  13. catching up with the children and grandchildren
  14. being home alone to do what I like
  15. sewing and craft
  16. weddings!
  17. Walking along the beach in winter
  18. Mountains and fiords in Norway
  19. Listening to bird calls while walking in the bush
  20. Travelling in Vietnam
  21. Blue skies
  22. Roast lamb
  23. Cooking when I’m not in a hurry
  24. Nice Clothes shoes scarves
  25. Jewellery

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