funerals have changed part two

Funerals today are more of a celebration of life than mourning of a loved one.  Almost anything goes these days.  There are no rules and a lot of people are moving away from religious funerals.  It is not uncommon to have a private cremation ceremony and then hold a memorial service in a reception centre, local yacht club, restaurant, private house, garden wherever feels right to pay respects to the deceased.  It is also common to have rituals such as a balloon release, dove release, butterfly ritual.  It is lovely to have a symbol tables of the loved ones favourite hobbies, and photos.  It is very common to have an audio-visual display of photos  taken during the loved ones life.  Eulogies and music have changed also.  Music is not necessarily solemn as long as it reminds us of who we are farewelling especially if it was a piece of music they really loved.  Eulogies are often prepared and delivered by the family and friends.  Coffins have changed also, it is not longer necessary to have a very handsome and expensive coffin.  Environmentally friendly coffins are now available and most people are choosing cremation instead of burial.

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