I love making things whether it is baking bread or scones or cakes and biscuits, there is always something homemade in the cupboard.  At Christmas time I always make the children some dutch speculaas which is a spicy biscuit traditionally eaten  at the St Nicholas celebrations in Holland where I was born.  I used to make shortbread as well but the speculaas are more popular with the children and grandchildren.  I was fortunate last week that a friend dropped off some home grown apricots so I made 2 batches of apricot jam, very popular with the grandchildren!  I also sew and the house is full of homemade garments and bags, banners, craft flowers, children’s clothes, dolls clothes, cushion covers, doona covers you name it and it will be here somewhere!  The grandchildren love looking around my sewing room choosing fabric, buttons, motifs or whatever they need for their chosen project for me to make with them.  We have a lot of fun and their parents do pretty well also especially when there is something to be mended or shortened or a last minute garment to be made.  I love creating things and I get a buzz out of seeing the end project especially if it works out well and is how I imagined it would look.  I am never bored!

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