little things

I have just returned from visiting my mother in law and I took her a small piece of pudding as she couldn’t come to the Christmas celebrations yesterday.  She was so excited and congratulated me on making the real thing.  She was the one who taught me how to make it in the cloth and it was her recipe.  She lives in a nursing home and only a bit over a year ago she was making a pudding every year in fact a few years ago she was making several.  The conversation was very difficult as she is extremely deaf but she can walk a bit and her vision is good.  She told me if she wasn’t frightened of being kicked out she would take the pudding to show the chef so he could see what a real pudding should taste like!  I promised her I would send some in with my husband tomorrow.  Isn’t it amazing how a small slice of cold pudding without any of her special brandy sauce still gave her so much pleasure!  It really doesn’t take much to make people happy sometimes.  We are all caught up in our busy worlds these days, myself included but sometimes we need to step back and see what little thing we can do to make someone else happy.

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