Why did I become a celebrant?

My father was a Presbyterian minister and every weekend he would lock himself in his study to prepare his sermon for the Sunday services and us kids had to be quiet as mice so as not to disturb him.  Mum made sure of that!  I couldn’t understand why he would get so nervous but he was a very private man and I guess it must have been extremely difficult for him to stand behind the pulpit every Sunday in front of the congregation.  As kids we were required to go to church at least once every Sunday and I used to hate the attention we got after the service.  I just wanted to disappear and be away from the limelight.  My poor mother used to dutifully accompany him to every service sometimes three times in the day.  She knew her place!  Why am I mentioning this now?  I can’t believe I actually made the decision to become a celebrant!  I actually really enjoy it but can relate to the nerves my father went through fortunately I am past that stage!  He always wanted to do weddings but didn’t have enough qualifications so could only do funerals.  I am lucky to be able to do both.

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