Why do I sing Part 2

I started taking singing lessons and enjoyed noticing my voice change to soprano.  Singing along to Maria Callas must have given me some training!  I had some fabulous teachers and loved learning to hit those top C’s.  About this time a friend of mine asked me to help her set up a choir.  She was also a nurse and she thought it would be a great idea to give nurses some relaxation and enjoyment from the stress and strains of nursing.  We decided to call the choir The Nurses Choir of Victoria.  We struggled to get the choir established but the 10 or 15 or so who came regularly really enjoyed themselves and we put on some little concerts at The Melbourne City Mission where we rehearsed.  Eventually we decided to open up the choir to non nurses as well as it is always difficult to find nurses who are able to come on a regular basis.  After a few years I was yearning to join a larger choir that were more classically orientated but The Nurses Choir has blossomed and is still operating today under the name of the Keytones.  They have about 50 members  and perform regularly for large audiences.  I went to their Christmas concert and was thrilled to hear them sounding fabulous.  …continued tomorrow

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