Late brides

My poor brides it wasn’t always their fault!

The following are some of the reasons they were late:

The flowers didn’t arrive the florist had the wrong day so a lot of running around to get new flowers.

The wedding cars were late arriving to collect the bridal party.

The makeup artist was late and another one didn’t like the makeup so had it redone.

One bride had a fight with one of the bridesmaids when they were getting ready and told her in no uncertain terms where she could go so that is exactly what she did (one less bridesmaid!)

The wedding dress split when putting it on.

One of the wedding cars broke down.

One bride had to travel a long distance so had organised for her dress to be at her sister’s house which was close to the venue you guessed it!  it  was at the other sister’s!

Too many toilet stops, miscalculated how long it takes to get on and off toilet in a big wedding dress!

Elderly family couldn’t negotiate steps or steep rise at venue, wheelchair had to be found.

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