Phil and Sheena’s wedding in the Yarra Valley

  • I met Sheena at choir we are both nurses and we clicked straight away and became good friends. I had met Phil, the wonderful man in her life and was delighted when Sheena asked me to perform their marriage ceremony.  Sheena’s daughter Brooke found a lovely venue in the Yarra Valley and planning was underway for the wedding  to take place on 9th May. A small group of us sopranos were asked to sing a couple of numbers to entertain the guests at the reception. We had a lovely time practising a couple of songs to suit our voices and with more appropriate words to suit the occasion.  The day arrived and the rain threatened but we didn’t get a drop though it was a bit crisp and windy. The backdrop behind the bridal party was stunning with the vines, rolling hills and amazing clouds. It was a big day, it is not often I get to officiate, sing and go to the reception!

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