How romantic!

Amy and Tommy had planned an outing to the zoo on the Anzac day long weekend this year. Tommy had planned this weekend for a long time, he had planned every detail. Amy was totally oblivious to his plans!

On the way to the zoo Tommy suggested that Amy choose a restaurant to go to after wards. Amy couldn’t make up her mind. As they were wandering around the zoo they ended up amongst a group of people. Tommy’s well thought out plan was not shaping up so well, he needed to get Amy alone. He managed to find a quiet spot in front of the zebras that were also oblivious to what was going to happen next…

Tommy proposed in front of the zebras. He poured out his heart to Amy and produced a beautiful engagement ring which he had chosen himself. He also presented Amy with a card he had put together containing photos he had carefully collected of all their special outings together and of the three houses they had rented together. Amy was in shock and couldn’t take it all in. She had to ask him again later exactly what he had said!

There was more to come. They got in the car and Tommy announced that they weren’t going out for dinner but were going away for the weekend instead, “We are going somewhere where there is a nice lake.” Amy thought maybe Daylesford lake house. Tommy played along with that making out they were heading for Daylesford. At the last minute he changed direction and headed for the airport, and parked in the long term car park. Amy was getting suspicious, especially when they headed for the international terminal. Tommy still tried to confuse her by saying they needed the Domestic terminal.

Tommy then confessed that the beautiful lakes in Australia were not what he had in mind . “We are going overseas.” He then produced their passports. Amy still had no idea where they were going until they actually stood at the departure desk. They were heading to Christchurch New Zealand! Somewhere she had often dreamed of going to. Tommy had packed everything for her, he even remembered her hairdryer!

I am thrilled that Tommy and Amy have asked me to be their celebrant. I’m sure their wedding will be very romantic. I will keep you posted!

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